How did your path to self-improvement begin?

It all came from my desire to develop in the spiritual realm. So, I started getting into this matter and wanted to learn more about different energy practices and techniques. At one point, I realized that instead of pointing my finger at others, I should turn toward myself and seek the answers what I did to attract a reaction in this person . Gradually, I saw how I was changing, and all my efforts worked out in my best interest. I became more confident in myself and my abilities, and the results of this were not too far behind.

What kind of training have you been through?

I have been to many trainings and seminars in United States and Europe, and I continue to build on my skills and knowledge. From the beginning I was extremely motivated and purposeful because I wanted to make the most of what I was taught me, but at the same time to combine different techniques and methods when working with clients.

It didn’t matter to me what time the training was or how long did it take, because the end all that was important to me the positive  outcome. Sometimes I was required to get up for days and weeks at the time at 2a.m. or 3 a.m.  but that never bothered or discouraged me because  I was doing what I had to do to achieve my goals.

While those trainings in metaphysical practices involved a lot of deep work on myself, I was able to combine this process with working on people and their problems. I’m very proud of myself for dealing with this challenge.

What are the practices of the methods you have learned?

I believe in continues learned, development and practice. A practitioner cannot get good enough at what he/she does by just reading the materials from the textbook. It also requires practice, dedication and strong internal motivation.

How would you define yourself and what you do?

People have told me I’m kind of psychic/clairvoyant. Honestly, I cannot define myself unambiguously. I can say, however, that it is important that a person is aware of him/herself. There always an exchange of energy between practitioner and client, but the idea is for me to help somebody advance, show the way and direct to it, not walk it instead the clients. Many times, practitioners tell people that they will help them, get them out of “the hole”. I believe that the client should find the answer him/herself – that is how a lesson is learned.

My job is to direct the person, to help him/her become self-sufficient and confident in him/herself. I believe that’s the therapist’s job. Besides, people need to realize that they can fix the things that “limp” in their lives.

What are your advantages?

One of the valuable things, I think, is the fact that I’m very direct. Other advantage is that when I see a problem, I do not waste time in its unraveling to its deepest essence, but concentrate on the methods for resolving it.

Who would it be appropriate for people to seek your help?

People who are willing to stop looking for the cause of their failures and problems in other people. For all who tend to understand that the others are like mirror images of themselves and what they show to them is what is inside that same person. Because it’s very easy to see the flaws and mistakes of others, but it’s harder to accept the truth about your own flaws and mistakes.