My name is Natalia Pierce, and I will gladly help you navigate the crises and moments of hesitation in life by guiding you to the right choices through metaphysical science practices. I’ve been fascinated by metaphysical science since I was a kid, but later in life I began to pursue this interest professionally. I graduated from an American university with a degree in Business Administration, but I realized that I wanted to develop more in the field of spirituality. The first steps, of course, were related to my own improvement, getting rid of negative influences and beliefs, and learning about various metaphysical practices.

I have already earned certificates for several powerful techniques, and I am continuing to develop my knowledge today. In order to be as useful as possible to my clients, I combine everything I have learned from professional seminars and trainings with personal experience and, especially, intuition.

So far, I have over 4,000+ hours of therapeutic work and many satisfied clients. I am officially certified and have knowledge in the following metaphysical practices:

  • Theta healing (10+ certification courses),
  • Reiki (level Master- Teacher Reiki),
  • Art Therapy – Neurographica (specialist level),
  • MAT (practitioner),
  • K-power (instructor level),
  • Numerology,
  • Runes,
  • Feminine Energy Practices, and other Metaphysical Practices and Methods.

My style in spiritual practices

I am highly skilled in metaphysical and spiritual practices and I work to ensure that those I work with feel seen, heard, and secure. I am direct and clear in my explanations and knowledgeable on the work I do. I incorporate wisdom and intuition in my work and infuse my spiritual practice with kindness and care. I am empathetic, understanding, and possess a calming energy. I’m respectful of every person’s background and needs and strive to operate as a way to help my clients find meaning and spiritual happiness in their lifetimes.

The lessons of life

I’ve been through a lot in life, and I’ve been able to turn this experience into valuable lessons. Thanks to these lessons, I became stronger and more confident in myself and my abilities. This has helped me to connect with the various energy techniques I practice on a daily basis. My desire to learn more and my interest in these matters motivate me to continue seeking and accumulating more knowledge in this field.

I believe that nothing in this world is accidental, and my work with people confirms it. What is of great benefit in many cases is the fact that I myself have experienced many of the pains that people tell me about. I believe we’re not on this Earth just to live aimlessly day by day, satisfying only our physical needs. What leads us to a truly meaningful existence are precisely the lessons we learn, the improvement of our own Self, the increase in our vibration, and the attainment of a higher energy and spiritual level.

Why choose me?

  • I have received professional training in various metaphysical practices, techniques and rituals;
  • I turn personal failures and problems into lessons I learn from, and then I pass on this valuable personal experience to you too;
  • I treat every problem with care and understanding, because many of them I have experienced them personally;
  • I combine techniques from all the practices I have studied so that I can be as helpful as possible and assist you in making the right choices;
  • I continue to enrich my knowledge, skills and practices;
  • I continue to work on my own vibrations, because only when a person is in complete harmony with herself can she be as useful as possible to others.

As a Healing Advocate, Transformational Coach, and Reiki Master/Teacher, I empower my clients to tap into their potential whether on a one-2-one personal consultation or with corporate groups whose goal to develop better working team environment which will ultimately boost work performance. My methods will bring relaxation and comfort, create balance, and relieves the stress that causes so much disease in the world today. I will collaborate well with you or your team to provide professional therapy and quality care as I pride myself on building an excellent rapport with my clients, resulting in many referrals.

 In addition, I do offer online coaching and Reiki worldwide, as I am able to coach, mentor and send you Reiki no matter where I am in the world, be assured that when you contact me for help, I will use all that I have learned to assist you on your healing journey. I am confident that once you have tried distant Reiki you will also feel the healing energies and it will change your life as it has changed mine.

Having performed my training hours in a number of different settings, including offices, hospices, and health clubs, I bring a variety of experience to the table. I am familiar with several techniques and have gained new knowledge from each of my experiences.

My metaphysical practices:


One of the most powerful energy-healing techniques, ThetaHealing is a process of

meditation that is believed to create physical, psychological, and spiritual healing using the Theta brain waves.


Holistic therapy that heals on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Reiki uses energy that stimulates the spirit and body to achieve balance and harmony. Reiki clears the body from the “negative” accumulations and charges it with a new energy.

Art Therapy, Neurographica

Innovative art-therapeutic method for reprogramming life. This technique meets psychology with visual creativity and is a great means of self-help, self-discovery and modeling of our goals.


Metaphysical anatomy (MAT) is a process of personal development, self-awareness and relief from trauma and negative emotions. This method helps to connect with your own healing abilities. Subconscious associations are found, creating certain difficulties, stress and negative sensations.


Kinesiology science of energy movement based on a holistic approach. This is a new method that helps to cope with stress by looking for the relationship between the physical body, energy and emotional balance.


Fortune teller system – a process by which the main potential forces of Nature are transferred. Runes can also be described as an energy that becomes a bridge between mankind and the higher powers. It is this energy that is capable of changing a person’s life, providing protection from certain things and actions of others.


Known since ancient times, the guessing practice deals with the relationship between numbers and personality traits, fate, events and circumstances. It is also called the magic of numbers. It is close to the concept of astrology and other parasciences of antiquity.