Natalia Pierce

My name is Natalia Pierce, and I will gladly help you navigate the crises and moments of hesitation in life by guiding you to the right choices through metaphysical science practices. I’ve been fascinated by metaphysical science since I was a kid, but later in life I began to pursue this interest professionally. I graduated from an American university with a degree in Business Administration, but I realized that I wanted to develop more in the field of spirituality. The first steps, of course, were related to my own improvement, getting rid of negative influences and beliefs, and learning about various metaphysical practices.

I have already earned certificates for several powerful techniques, and I am continuing to develop my knowledge today. In order to be as useful as possible to my clients, I combine everything I have learned from professional seminars and trainings with personal experience and, especially, intuition.

So far, I have over 4,000+ hours of therapeutic work and many satisfied clients.

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